Its that time again, the time to write a blog for you all. However this time its a little different. We dont know when we will see anyone again…its a time of uncertainty here and worldwide. What are we doing here to deal with this situation? Not alot…this is an island peeps! An island in […]

Sorry about the wait folks! Alot has happened since the last blog in December last year. This Summer have had a major cyclone, bees swarming, a new building has been built and now COVID 19 is happening! Lets start by saying that this summer has been so humid – hot and sticky…yucko! Glen and I […]

Howdy everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Kitesurf Tonga blog by none other than the girl who was left on the island completely by herself and just experienced 42 days alone. Does anyone else know what it is like to spend 42 days alone? and i don’t mean your flatmate has gone away for […]

2019 we have had the most fantastic wind season this year – it is just South Pacific Kitesurfing Goodness at its best here at Kitesurf Tonga.  We have been loving it and of course so have our guests.  The whales turned up and most of our guests headed on out to have a whale encounter […]

Howdy World! Welcome to another Kitesurf Tonga blog, its only been 6 months since the last one, eeek! Glen and i went on holidays for 3 months in the off season so the blog is late 😉 For those of you wondering we went to South America. Our plans got changed a bit whilst we […]

Wow we have had some amazing wind so far this season! May was windy June has been amazing and July has been super also – averaging about 20knots daily. We have had loads of fun in the lagoon so far this season and its only just beginning! Kitesurfing in this country is truly something we […]

Hey Everyone, Sorry its been so long since we last wrote, as usual we are working our butts off here at Kitesurf Tonga! Getting ready for housesitters was a big job at the end of last year at Kitesurf Tonga…we thought we would get a medium sized boat all ready for them so they had […]

Kitesurf Tonga has started this season with a bang! A group of 10 from Nelson were just fabulous to have out to stay with us. They had most days windy whilst they were here and took a day trip to Uonuku too. We had a great time with the whole group and it was just […]

Hi All, I keep saying each time i write that we are working hard…and i will say it again…holy cow! We are busy little remote island dwellers getting things ready for a full house June 18 onwards. We have been finishing off bits n pieces for the resort…including some hole digging, trench digging, pipe laying, […]

Welcome one and all to our most exciting blog yet!! Kitesurf Tonga has a house…a beautiful house…The vision we have for Kitesurf Tonga is becoming more and more real every day! During the last four weeks we stopped the build for awhile as we had the AXIS team out for some product shooting for their […]