Kitesurf Spot

The tradewinds make Uoleva Island, Ha’apai ideal for beginners & intermediate through to advanced riders. The steady Tradewinds offer a magnificent playground for kitesurfers. From Fanifo Lofa resort to the kitesurfing spot is an 8 minute walk, and our resort can transport your kitesurfing equipment each day.

Uoleva Island has a 300m sandbar at the tip which stretches over to Lifuka. There is a massive flat water lagoon about six kilometers long which gives us loads of room to play. Whether your learning a cool new move or gaining knowledge on how to stay upwind, the shallow water with smooth wind is going to be your best friend. Being a small remote island with very few accommodation options on the island you can guarantee no crowds.

Kitesurf Tonga on Uoleva island, Ha’apai offers a world class kitesurfing location – steady wind, butter flat water, reef wave riding, and no crowds.

Kitesurfing Uoleva

Best Time

Tonga’s climate can be described as a warm, tropical climate with trade winds from the east southeast bringing year long breezes. From April to November, the southeast trade winds range average from 15-25 knots with a few 30 knot plus days. During the summer months, northeast winds of 12-20 knots are the norm. We get a lot more wind as we sit a bit further south then the other island groups in the South Pacific.  One of the nicest things about kitesurfing at Uoleva Island is that you can kite in any wind direction.  Whether the wind is from the North, South, East or West Fanifo Lofa will have you up and riding.  Kitesurf Tonga with Fanifo Lofa.

Day Trips

On our last visit to Uoleva Island before we made the plunge and moved here it was windy most days we were there so we had an idea to go and visit another island for some kitesurfing.  We had been looking at these amazing sandbars and crystal blue water on the flight from Tongatapu to Ha’apai for years and always dreamed of kiting there.  We decided to go for a little boat ride and found ‘Spot X‘ on an uninhabited  island chain about 45min away.  The kitesurfing was stunning, incredible, amazing, world class and basically mind blowing.  We decided that we would give you the option to experience ‘Spot X’ by taking advantage of our optional day trips.  Enquire with us at Fanifo Lofa about booking a day trip, or an overnight adventure.

Kitesurfing Spot X