Kitesurfing & Sports Equipment
Please bring all your own kitesurfing equipment. We do have some spares to hire out but you will generally bring your own kit along as we cannot guarantee having something that will suit your needs. Please bring a range of kite sizes for your stay – we mostly use 7-12’s.¬† There are a couple of kayaks and SUP’s that are free to use. We also have a few mask/snorkel/fins that are free to use but please bring your own if you have them as ours may not fit or be in use. The water is quite warm but we recommend rash vests or shorties. We recommend bringing booties for your feet.
Please sign and return before visit
We have a indeminty and equipment hire form for everyone to read and sign and email to us before you arrive. Please do this so we can keep it on file. Sometimes we cannot print at the island and EVERYONE who is visiting us needs to fill in a form even if they dont kite ūüôā Thanks so much for your understanding on this Indemnity & Equipment form
What else to Bring
No need to bring any bedding as this will be provided for you in your fales. Please bring your own beach towels (we provide bath towels only), toiletries, sunscreen, insect repellant, medications, headlamps/torches, rash vests, pumps, hats, reef shoes, rash vest or shorties. We have mosquito nets in the fales but if there is no wind then there will be some mosquitos around.
What Kites do i bring and what website do i use to check wind?
Please bring a range of kite sizes for your stay – we mostly use 7-12’s. We range from 55kg to 74kg. The wind is 15-25knots on average. Please check uoleva island, tonga a few days before you pack so you can determine what kite sizes to bring along. We have a small range of kites to hire if you are stuck.
Do you do Kite Lessons?
Please email us and ask.  Most of the time we will be able to conduct lessons but you will need to check with us prior to your visit to make sure.  Please note beginners usually take 3 Р5 lessons to get to independent practice on the water.
What to Expect
We are very remote here on Uoleva island, there are no shops, no roads, no nightlife. All food we buy mostly comes from Nuku’alofa so via the ferry once a week. We don’t have access to a lot of the niceties that are available in first world countries but don’t fret we will make your stay as comfortable as possible and our fales are some of the most comfortable and beautiful in Tonga. Please note if you are expecting a pool with a cocktail bar…this is not the place for you. Uoleva is a special unique place where people come to enjoy the tranquility that is on offer.
Please note that the law has recently changed in Tonga regarding drones. If you bring a drone into Tonga and declare it they will stop you at the airport and request you get a permit and they will confiscate your drone until the permit is acquired. There is a deposit required to be left for the drone which is approx 50% of the drone. This can take some time as they do not have the permits at the airport, only in Nukualofa. You will need to go to the Ministry of Infrastructure to get the permit. The deposit is refundable on return to Tonga, also in Nukualofa at the Ministry of Infrastructure not at the airport. For further information please phone +6768711731
Food & Dietary Requirements
We include all meals here at Fanifo Lofa – breakfast lunch and dinner. Breakfasts are fruit, toasts, cereals, tea and coffee. Lunches are a packed lunch consisting of an item, fruit and cake. Dinners are home cooked hearty meals. We serve fresh fish about 4 times a week. We can cater for some dietary requirements but you need to advise us before you arrive so we can prepare. A lot of meals have rice, breads & potatoes. Please note we have snacks available for sale usually chips and nuts.

Can i store things in your fridge?
Please note fridge space is limited.  We are happy to store any medications.
International and Domestic Airports
 When you fly into Tongatapu you will land at the international terminal.  You will then need to get a taxi to the domestic terminal to catch your domestic Real Tonga flight.  Taxis are waiting out the front and are approx $10TOP.
Currency and ATM's what money you will need during your stay
 The currency used in Tonga is the Tongan Panga.  You can get some TOP out at the ATM at the international airport in Tongatapu.   You may need some local currency for taxis etc.  You can pay us for our transfer fee and bar bill in any currency cash if you want OR we accept internet bank transfer OR we accept credit cards (5% surcharge). You do need to pay your bill before you leave us.
Excess Luggage with Real Tonga
There are 3 fare options with Real Tonga as of May 1st 2019. The lowest fare includes no bagge allowance, the other 2 include 15kg checkin and 5kg carry on. The higher fare allows you to change your flight date at no cost. In ADDITION – They charge $5TOP per kilo excess over the allowed weight & they also charge sometimes for oversized long bags $40TOP & for any bags OVER 23kg they may charge the $40TOP fee too…Please email real tonga for any luggage queries you may have.

You can also book an additional seat – cargo seat which gives you an extra 80kg of luggage. Please email real tonga for details

If you are staying awhile and you would like a cheaper excess option and are happy for your excess bags/luggage to be sent on a later flight the next day or the day after you can send your excess as CARGO for $3TOP per kg. Please note there will be a transfer fee charged for Fanifo Lofa to collect your bags from the airport on those days if you decide to send your excess as cargo.

Ferry Timetable 2019
Nukualofa to Ha’apai Wednesday & Saturday departs 8am arrives at 1pm. Ha’apai to Nukualofa Monday & Thursday departs midday and arrives 5.30pm. They often change their schedule. If you would like to prebook the ferry please email [email protected]
Whale Watching & Diving
We can arrange for your whale watching encounters and for local providers to take you out whale watching for the day. They will pick you up and drop you off to Fanifo Lofa resort. We can also arrange diving days for those interested.  Please enquire with us and we can book these on your behalf.
Foil Boards
You can bring your foil boards as you can use them on the leeward side of the island, NOT in the lagoon unless you have a short mast at high tide. We also have a foil board for hire if you would like to try one whilst you are here.
Alcohol and Duty Free
We sell alcohol in our licensed bar and outdoor eating area. By Tongan law you are not permitted to drink duty free anywhere in our licensed bar or outdoor eating area. You can have duty free in your rooms. Please note we sell beer, cider, spirits, wine, and other. Please feel free to contact us if you have a special drink request and we will try and get in stock for you. We will generally only stock a red and white wine, if you have a particular grape taste then please let us know and we can do our best to accommodate you.
Transfers to and from Lifuka airport to Fanifo Lofa
We do not include transfers, unless specified, in our all inclusive package. Transfers are $70AUD return per adult or $40AUD per child.
Accommodation in Nuku'alofa
If you are stopping over in Nuku’alofa to sight see or because of flight times there are quite a few options for accommodation. Please go to¬† and select Tongatapu places to stay.¬† If it is for a few hours or one night there is the Aloft Airport lodge right near the airport. They do pick up and drop offs to and from both airports.
Visa Requirements
Visitors from most countries may enter Tonga without a visa for a period no longer than 31 days. Travelers from some countries do require a visa. Check with your travel agent or contact the Tongan Immigration Department directly. It is also a good idea to make sure you have more than 6 months validity left on your passport or you may be denied entry.
You can wear your bathing suits/bikini’s at Uoleva Island but when in Nukualofa town you wear shorts/skirts below your knee and cover your arms. ¬†Please understand that it will be offensive to the Tongan families to do otherwise.
We are as remote as it gets and on solar power only at the resort. Any devices can be charged using nz/aus plug sockets available in the fales. Please note we do not allow hairdryers or hair straighteners to be used at the resort.
Special Offers
** Please note all special offers advertised on our website are available subject to availability and only during the following dates.
1st January – 31st March & 1st October – 31st December 2019. Other exclusions may apply please enquire at the time of booking
Drinking Water
Fanifo Lofa will provide free of charge rain water for drinking available in the common fale. It is a good idea to bring a solid water/sports drinking bottle. Please remember we are on rain water so conserve ūüôā
Sunday is by law a day of rest for the Tongans. There are no flights or shops open on Sunday. You can still kite on Sundays but we do not operate the rescue boat on a sunday.
Wireless internet is NOT included in your package but should be available for a small fee. Please note being so remote sometimes this will not be available. The costs are $3AUD for 100Mb or we can do a half price special on 1 gig $20AUD. We are lucky to have internet at all and it is expensive for us to buy. We are not making a profit on the internet simply trying to cover our costs.
There are local hospitals in Tonga but you should bring all your medication with you and recommend that you take out travel insurance in the case of an emergency. With regards to the mosquito’s all our beds have mosquito netting but please bring repellant.
Travel Insurance
Please note that we strongly recommend travel insurance when travelling to Tonga. Fanifo Lofa do not cover for nights missed etc due to flight disruptions.