Howdy everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Kitesurf Tonga blog by none other than the girl who was left on the island completely by herself and just experienced 42 days alone.

Does anyone else know what it is like to spend 42 days alone? and i don’t mean your flatmate has gone away for a few days kind of alone…I mean 42 DAYS ALONE…like you see no one…you go nowhere…you see no one. So join me on my little journey of 42 days alone and see if you could cope.

I will set the scene…42 days alone in the South Pacific on a small little island called Uoleva at a closed kitesurfing resort @ Kitesurf Tonga.  No roads, no shops, no people. When Glen told me he was going overseas and it would just be me again on the island i did not freak out as i had done it before 2 years earlier.  However there was a difference because 2 years ago our fabulous friends Mahe and Becky lived on Uoleva too and visited and dropped in supplies a few times. Our other friends Matt n Jodi dropped by once too.  So this time it was going to be a bit hard core as Becky and Mahe have moved to the UK.  This time it was me myself and i,  and Jenga Tinky and Bear.   I loaded up on supplies that would last a couple of months before Glen left. I also came up with some odd jobs to keep me occupied.  Basically i wrote a blog that may or may not interest you so i haven’t included it.

Generally it looked like groundhog day, something like this every day for 42 days alone-

Check hydroponics
Walk dogs & check tongan fish trap
Some other activity
I have included some highlights from my 42 days alone.

Walking the dogs

Obviously this activity occurred on a daily basis so there was some special events that are worth mentioning.


On one day i did a 3 hour walk so that the dogs could do some decent fishing down the southern end of the lagoon.  I was right on the money and have discovered that Jenga finds it quite easy to catch trigger fish.  He caught 3 trigger fish in the same area in the rocks…but alas jenga did not really eat the trigger fish just chewed on the heads a bit and spat them out.  Fussy bastard! The worst was the sea snake that day. Holy cow i was behind them and could see them putting their heads under the water trying to grab something.  Then up pops tinky and jenga playing tug of war with a long sea snake..OMG I yelled at them to drop it which they did and then i quickly threw something in the water close to them so they chased that thinking it was a jumping fish. Phew!


We checked the trap today but its collapsing so no fish were trapped. I took them for the long walk today as the fishing is always good down the southern end of the lagoon along the rocks. They almost caught a big one. Jenga bought it up onto the rocks in his mouth. Dropped it. Bear grabbed it in his mouth. Dropped it. It swam away 😂.

I was walking with no swimming bottoms on and suddenly i look up and in the distance i saw a large man holding a rake up in the air. I didnt stop to think why a man would be holding a rake in the air, this is Tonga for goodness sake. I quickly put my swimmers on thinking the whole time its too late the man saw me half naked. Thankfully its not Sunday. Anyway the closer i got to this man i could clearly see it was a bloody piece of tree, driftwood in the shape of a man holding up a rake 😂.

Whats the moral of the story?

A. Dont walk around tonga naked OR

B. Get your eyes tested 😂😂😂😂.

Anyway it was a great walk…just before the end i finally saw one of the elusive cows. What a massive creature! It was a girl cow and she was out in the open eating grass. I know that sounds normal for a cow but not our Uoleva wild cows. They hide all day and come out at night. They are terrified of humans. Rightly so. Anyway i got within 20m of her and checked to see where the dogs were and thank goodness they were still fishing way behind me. If they saw her they would bark and chase her. Anyway when the dogs started running to catch up with me i started talking to the cow to get her to move. She must be deaf as i had to shout before she stopped eating 😂. Then she still had her back to me and calmly wandered into the bush and the dogs were none the wiser. Job done.

3. CRAB N PUFFERTinky and Bear took on a crab with the body the same size as my head. Pretty funny. Lets just say the crab is still alive wandering the lagoon. We all swam into the fish trap. Unfortunately Tinky n bear have learnt how to get in without me and rush in before i can check whats there. Giant puffer fish today. I had to grab them by the scrufs and pull them out. Not sure how they would cope with all the spikes 😂


Dog walk and bear caught a fish. He was just adorable. Didn’t know how to eat it so i bought it back here and we had sashimi on the deck together 😁😁😁. Next time i am taking a knife on our walks 😁😁😁😁😁


Rats are a problem on tropical islands.  Even if you remove all your food sources they still have access to coconuts so you will never get rid of them.  I need to set traps and monitor the fales weekly. One day i wake up to a rat in the trap in our house. YES! I have finally caught the rat that has eaten the cat food for months. Now what to do with the rat…never seen such a fiesty rat, jumping all over the place! Normally they are frightened and so still. Not this rat.
I went down to the beach to open the cage hoping it will run into the sea and drown. The dogs had other ideas. I finally got the cage open after the rat tried to bite me and jenga and tinkerbell got it and ripped it apart. They didn’t eat it, didn’t like the smell! Ewww what a way to start the day. I was secretly hoping not to catch anymore rats as i didnt want to dispose of them hahahahaha.

Excess Fruit and Vegs

Wowsers…so we had trouble with our papaya trees all through the season.  When we were full there were that many papaya on the tree but they were all was just too cold for them to ripen.  Our dry season just rained constantly and temperatures were quite cool.  Well dont worry about that as when guests left we hadnt had rain in over a month and then a month later HOLY BEEJEZUS we had enough ripe papaya to feed an army.  I made 30 jars of papaya jam and chutneys…and then i ran out of jars hahahahahahaahhahaha

Glens effort with the gardens this year have been extraordinary.  He went crazy and what a yield, beat any previous year.  However when it was just me ummmm there was a bit of an excess lol.  There was about 40 lettuce, at least 30-40 peppers, about 15 eggplants ready for eating…not to mention all the ones that were just sprouting! So i ate alot of vegetarian meals just to get ahead


So i went for a kite one day and my 8m Reo deflated.
The next day i went for a kite and my 8m Edge deflated.
There was no way around it i needed to do a Kite repair. Watching a kite repair being done is not the same as doing it yourself by any means. My 8m reo deflated after about 20min into my first solo kite. On inspection one of the wing struts was fully deflated. I touched the valve and it came i replaced the strut bladder no issues there but hello!!! Getting the valve in and out was a mission and a half. My skin and nails were just red raw and broken. However i managed to do it…pumped up the strut all good. Then the mission of trying to put those bloody PU things over the rubber hose..ummm forget it! I used a cable tie instead hahahaha.
The next day it was about 28 knots so i took my 8m Reo out for a spin. Of course it deflated! But it was not my strut repair!!! Quite difficult landing a deflated kite amongst the pandanas trees 😂. I give up.
Another day i thought i will make sure all 3 struts are closed off so if 1 goes it wont matter.  However the bloody kite fully deflated, 2 struts stayed up but other strut went flat and strut valve broke when i tried to pull rubber off grrrr. Now i need to replace the other strut bladder  😣. Seriously hahahahahaha

Things breaking

Well it wasnt till day 23 that something broke that i really needed – the hydro pump 🙁 I rang Glen and he said you will need to do a few power tests and if they don’t work you will need to remove hydro pump & gather all things to fix and await the call back to explain how to inspect it.  Well removing the pump was not as easy as it sounds.  It is installed next to the water reservoir and over time it has been buried by dirt.  So you have this small little area that needs digging out with a spoon to find the start and end of the pump. Geezus…okay i got it out fine but i had a whinge about it HAHAHAHAHAHA.  In the mean time i am manually watering the hydro.  For those of you wondering what plants we have in hydro – mostly peppers and eggplant with a few chilli plants.  One of the plants looked like it was going to die but the rest seemed okay.

When glen was awake he called and we started the 2.5 hour process of opening the pump and cleaning it. Guess what? it was full of crap and started straight away after cleaning it.  I was too tired to reinstall it that day so i just kept manually feeding the plants.  The next day I had a Sleepless night wake at 1am, 2.30am, 4.20am with pigs.  I got up at 6.15am to install pump. Manually feed plants. Clean water. Install and Test pump doesnt work. It has power and turns on but not pumping water. Isolated pump controller. Isolated pump, removing timer. Nothing worked. Was devastated. 2 hours later i thought i bet it has to be primed. So i primed it. It worked. Bloody stoked.


Poor Jenga….he did not have a great run from about half way through our 42 days alone to the end. Jenga has a massive fear of wasps and on day 23 i was clearing coconut leaves and poor jenga got bitten by loads of wasps. I had to give him steroids as half his face was swollen. Poor thing wouldnt leave my side after that.

Then on day 33 Bear and Jenga had a pretty bad fight.  Bear is coming of age at about 18 months and his testosterone is obviously telling him he needs to be pack leader.  Poor Jenga didnt stand a chance and Bear really did some damage. The fight went on for about 8 minutes. It wasnt great…Jenga was terrified and Bear was then shunned.  So i started Jenga on antibiotics as his ear and neck were ripped apart.  Jenga came inside the common fale for a few days after that as he was so scared.  Then another fight on day 37 which Jenga started when he was feeling better and i think he was trying to teach Bear a lesson that he was boss.  However it didnt go as planned and Jenga got ripped apart again.  They did stop of their own accord alot quicker and Bear submitted.

When Glen returned on day 42 the dogs fought again on day 43.  It was bad, the pack had changed and Jenga got ripped into again. We had to put him under and stitch up his chest.  The poor bugger 🙁 Unfortunately we have no vets where we are and all the vets we know are busy and cant fly out.  Of course we would have desexed the dogs if we could. Anyway i think we went another 2 weeks with no fighting and then one day we were up at the point and Glen was playing with Bear and Jenga came in to see and Bear just flew off the handle and ripped him apart again.  We had to stitch him up again.  That was a week ago.  We have since acquired an anti testosterone implant to hold us over until we can get him desexed.  Fingers crossed that it doesnt happen again.  We could re-home Bear but to be honest it will just be a death sentence for him.

Other Animals

Wake up to see giant cow next to the common fale. So beautiful. Wish i could keep him.

Set shark free from the trap. It didnt want to go 😂😂. i chased it around for ages trying to set it free.

Free 2 x trumpet fish, eat 1 x trumpet fish
Set massive puffer fish free x 4
Cows destroyed the staff fale garden fence
So there you have it!!! lots of weirdness in my 42 days alone time HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Have a Merry Xmas everyone xxxxx
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