Hello All, Its been a few weeks since we last wrote so here is the latest on Kitesurf Tonga and our amazing island adventure. We got the man cave built in that first week of May and then we started to sort out all the tools and man stuff.  We moved all the tools and […]

What a month it has been here in Tonga….we arrived on 7th April and it was just go go go….We ended up spending about two and a half weeks on Tongatapu trying to get through government processes and paperwork….It was very stressful and hard…however we succeeded! We not only retrieved our containers from the customs […]

Here we are peeps…onto the final countdown.  A mere 15 days to go and Kitesurf Tonga will be leaving on a jet plane to immerse ourselves into our new adventure. After an intense 8 months of planning, visiting, selecting, making mistakes and bleeding the bank account dry it is time for us to stop thinking, […]

Glen has just sent me some pictures of the results of Cyclone Ian that he took yesterday on Uoleva Island, Ha’apai, Tonga. This resort is our friends resort that is about 500m down from where we will be building Fanifo Lofa – kitesurf tonga.  You can clearly see from the aerial shot the devastation caused […]

The news of Cyclone Ian, category five cyclone,  last week was very frightening. We waited a few days to hear from our friends in Ha’apai which was so scarey. We were so pleased when we heard from them and that they were all safe.  The eye of the storm passed over our little island a […]

Wow…..check out our outhouse storage… It is getting full full full! We have wood from a school room that was being knocked down…we de-nailed it and stacked it nicely 🙂 Kitchen items …pots, pans, cups, woks, loads of stuff! Vanities and basins….what fun we had buying all these off Trademe 🙂 Plastic drums …to catch […]

Well its all busy busy busy… clearing the dense vines ready for us to start on our project Fanifo Lofa in March 2014.  The boys have been working hard the last two weeks doing a fantastic job. Meanwhile back at the ranch we are madly getting ourselves prepared for the big move! Our outhouse is […]

We have been looking for & collecting recyclable building materials for our beautiful island resort. We are going to be a sustainable accommodation so that we dont make too much of a mark on Uoleva, Ha’apai, the Kingdom of Tonga. It’s a really fabulous feeling looking at all the recycled wood that we have gathered!! […]

Kitesurfing around the South Pacific on numerous holidays led us to this dream of building Fanifo Lofa, a small resort on a beautiful island in the Ha’apai group in Tonga. We are moving to Tonga in March 2014 to start the build. There is much to be done before the big move and the build. […]