Hey All, As you have probably guessed we have been ultra busy this season so i haven’t really had time to write in the last couple of months. We could not have asked for a busier season for our first year at Kitesurf Tonga. What a surprise it was when we had so many bookings!!! […]

Kitesurf Tonga has started this season with a bang! A group of 10 from Nelson were just fabulous to have out to stay with us. They had most days windy whilst they were here and took a day trip to Uonuku too. We had a great time with the whole group and it was just […]

Hi All, I keep saying each time i write that we are working hard…and i will say it again…holy cow! We are busy little remote island dwellers getting things ready for a full house June 18 onwards. We have been finishing off bits n pieces for the resort…including some hole digging, trench digging, pipe laying, […]

Hi All, Wow…is all i can say…we thought putting up the buildings was going to be the challenging part of our Tongan adventure hehehehe…these last several 8 weeks has been very full on. I think its one of those times where we need to stop breathe and recollect our thoughts. Well I do anyway 🙂 […]

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic break over Christmas as we did. We left our little island, Uoleva, for a few weeks to spend some time with family. It was a very relaxing and amazing time we had. A very much needed break … back into it now! Its already […]

Welcome one and all to another exciting episode of Fanifo Lofa – Kitesurf Tonga’s building update! In the last six weeks we have been going hard at it ten hours a day attempting to get everything done before Xmas.  We have in the past 7 months built our house, the common fale/meeting house, a kite […]

Hi All, We are busy busy as usual here at Fanifo Lofa – Kitesurf Tonga.  We have had an amazing time in the last six weeks building and kitesurfing.  We have a new accommodation fale up and looking beautiful! And now we are building another two concurrently! At present it is taking us about four […]

Hey Groovers! Fanifo Lofa has its first fale built! Yes that is right, we are moving right ahead with our dream here at Kitesurf Tonga. When we are finished our resort you will have a fantastic South Pacific Kitesurfing destination. I think the first part of the last four weeks was spent doing the plumbing […]

Welcome one and all to our most exciting blog yet!! Kitesurf Tonga has a house…a beautiful house…The vision we have for Kitesurf Tonga is becoming more and more real every day! During the last four weeks we stopped the build for awhile as we had the AXIS team out for some product shooting for their […]

Welcome one and all to Fanifo Lofa – Kitesurf Tonga…we are have had a busy month to say the least. Our last blog was mid June and we had a Birthday celebration with a pig on the spit, some lamb racks and great company.  Glen and Alex thought they would decorate the grounds with balloons […]