Howdy World! Welcome to another Kitesurf Tonga blog, its only been 6 months since the last one, eeek! Glen and i went on holidays for 3 months in the off season so the blog is late 😉 For those of you wondering we went to South America. Our plans got changed a bit whilst we […]

What a start to the season we had this year in 2018. Kitesurfing Tonga at its best! We have had so many lovely guests this year and we are loving our regular guests that keep on returning each year. Maintenance & New Things What have we built this year? well we have been busy beavers […]

Howdy everyone!!! Sorry about the delay in my blog! I think it was last November i wrote the last one and then time has just slipped away as usual.  Happy New Year!!! and welcome to the start of our 2018 season at Kitesurf Tonga. Summer break has nearly come and gone! When i say summer break…i […]

Wow what a season we have had this year!!! 2017 South Pacific Kitesurfing at its best! My goodness we were so busy and the kitesurfing was outstanding. Guests & South Pacific Kitesurfing What friends we made this year 🙂 some of you have already booked back in for 2018 which is fantastic!!! We had a […]

Wow we have had some amazing wind so far this season! May was windy June has been amazing and July has been super also – averaging about 20knots daily. We have had loads of fun in the lagoon so far this season and its only just beginning! Kitesurfing in this country is truly something we […]

Visiting Tonga is a must do for all individuals and groups! We have just begun our 2017 kitesurfing season and we cannot wait to meet all the new adventurers who take on Tonga this year and reunite with all our old friends who have come in previous years. Our adventures in Tonga for the last […]

The Tongan summer months here at Fanifo Lofa are a lot different to the rest of the year. There are no guests usually from December to March so Glen and i use that time for getting on with odd jobs. Our first point of call as soon as guests left this year was the kitchen […]

What a season! It has been full of laughs and no tears 🙂 hahahahaha We have been relatively full this season. July through to October we have been fully booked which is more than we could ever hope for with our second year of operation. 40% of our guests this year have been repeat customers […]

Hello All, welcome to another addition of the Kitesurf Tonga blog where all your dreams can become reality…well not in the blog… but if you visit our magical South Pacific Kitesurfing destination here at Kitesurf Tonga! The season is upon us and we have already had a few guests coming through from the beginning of […]

Hey Everyone, Sorry its been so long since we last wrote, as usual we are working our butts off here at Kitesurf Tonga! Getting ready for housesitters was a big job at the end of last year at Kitesurf Tonga…we thought we would get a medium sized boat all ready for them so they had […]