Its been 1 year & 8 months since we had international guests land on our island home in the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga. And yes we are counting…counting the days the months the years until we see our international friends and family again. Tonga seem to be lagging behind the world when it comes […]

Well its been over 12 months since our last guest left us in 2019 because of two reasons 1) we finished the season early last year 2) covid hit. What have we been doing in all this time? Have we gone insane being stranded on this little island called Uoleva in the middle of the […]

Its that time again, the time to write a blog for you all. However this time its a little different. We dont know when we will see anyone again…its a time of uncertainty here and worldwide. What are we doing here to deal with this situation? Not alot…this is an island peeps! An island in […]

Sorry about the wait folks! Alot has happened since the last blog in December last year. This Summer have had a major cyclone, bees swarming, a new building has been built and now COVID 19 is happening! Lets start by saying that this summer has been so humid – hot and sticky…yucko! Glen and I […]

Howdy everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Kitesurf Tonga blog by none other than the girl who was left on the island completely by herself and just experienced 42 days alone. Does anyone else know what it is like to spend 42 days alone? and i don’t mean your flatmate has gone away for […]

2019 we have had the most fantastic wind season this year – it is just South Pacific Kitesurfing Goodness at its best here at Kitesurf Tonga.  We have been loving it and of course so have our guests.  The whales turned up and most of our guests headed on out to have a whale encounter […]

Howdy World! Welcome to another Kitesurf Tonga blog, its only been 6 months since the last one, eeek! Glen and i went on holidays for 3 months in the off season so the blog is late 😉 For those of you wondering we went to South America. Our plans got changed a bit whilst we […]

What a start to the season we had this year in 2018. Kitesurfing Tonga at its best! We have had so many lovely guests this year and we are loving our regular guests that keep on returning each year. Maintenance & New Things What have we built this year? well we have been busy beavers […]

Howdy everyone!!! Sorry about the delay in my blog! I think it was last November i wrote the last one and then time has just slipped away as usual.  Happy New Year!!! and welcome to the start of our 2018 season at Kitesurf Tonga. Summer break has nearly come and gone! When i say summer break…i […]

Wow what a season we have had this year!!! 2017 South Pacific Kitesurfing at its best! My goodness we were so busy and the kitesurfing was outstanding. Guests & South Pacific Kitesurfing What friends we made this year 🙂 some of you have already booked back in for 2018 which is fantastic!!! We had a […]